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  • Commercial Gas

  • COCN1

    Full core gas safety for plant and boiler rooms and commercial premises does not include catering, Heating and water heating of commercial premises.

    Initial: £475+VAT*/ 6 days (3 days training and 3 days of assessment)

    Reassessment: £325+VAT*/ 3 days assessment


    Cross over domestic natural gas to commercial plant and boiler rooms and commercial premises does not include catering. Heating and water heating of commercial premises.

    £350+VAT*/ 3 days (1 day training and 2 days of assessment)

    Additional Elements

    CIGA1 – Installation, commission and servicing commercial wet heating boilers and air heaters or the indirect type (flued)

    £150+VAT*/ ½ day

    ICPN1– First fix pipework in commercial premises to include various fittings used in the commercial sector.

    £150+VAT*/ ½ day

    ICPN1/LS – First fixing of commercial installation pipework BUT WILL NOT BE CONNECTING TO A LIVE GAS SUPPLY. COCN1 does not need completing first. £150+VAT*/ ½ day

    ICAE1/LS – 1st fix commercial appliances- limited scope

    £150+VAT*/ ½ day

    CORT1 – Installation, commission and servicing of radiant tube heaters and wall plaque heaters (flued and flue less)

    £200+VAT*/ ½ day

    TPCP1 – Testing and Purging new and existing pipework with a maximum pressure of 16bar. Covers NG and other gases for example LPG and coal gas. This assessment would cover different areas of pipe runs for example underground supply and services.

    £200+VAT*/1 day

    TPCP1A – Testing and purging of pipework exceeding the domestic realms or 0.035m3. Includes testing up to the 150mm pipe diameter, 1m3 volume maximum operating pressure of 40mbar (does not include LPG). Can be carried out as a standalone assessment without core commercial if holding CCN1

    £200+VAT*/ 1 day Commercial Catering

    CODC1 – Changeover – Domestic natural core to Commercial Catering Gas Safety. Does not include heating or mobile premises.

    £250+VAT* / 1 day

    COMCAT1 – Installation, commissioning of catering appliances this includes ranges, hot cupboards, stockpot stands.

    £150+VAT*/ ½ day

    COMCAT3 – Installation, commissioning of catering appliances, his includes freestanding chip fryers (but not range fryers as in chip shops.)

    £150+VAT*/ ½ day

    *A certification fee of £50+VAT is charged on all gas bookings, if elements are combined then only one fee is charged. Additional assessment time charged at £50.00+VAT per half day